The Yellow Forest

So I thought my first contribution to this tag which I love so very much and have enjoyed how (semi)active it’s been lately…would be the translation of a small comic I came across recently. Anyway, it was cute and short and simple enough for me to actually finish translating, so I hope at least one person out there can enjoy my work.

Small translation note for those unfamiliar with the game Shiritori: It is a Japanese word game in which one person says a word, and the next person has to come up with another word that begins with the last syllable from the previous word. Typically going on and on until a new word can’t be thought of, or if someone says a word ending in ‘n’, because there is no word in the Japanese language that begins with the character ‘n’, therefore ending the game indefinitely. And so for certain panels I’ve included the original words in Japanese to show how it works.

Original Artist: カエルの酢漬け