The Yellow Forest

Thank you. These last three years were fun. If not for you, I never would’ve become this fast.
Is that sarcasm?
No, it’s gratitude.

Yowamushi Pedal 29, The Summit

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Pichu plus skitty?


I couldn’t decide which version I liked most so you get both. :>

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Rei:Eh–wait, what’s wrong, Shougo??are you sure you’re not hurt?
Shougo:No, it’s just…you finally smiled at me…with that smile you’ve only ever shown my father before…

 Back Stage!! Chapter 8.
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シージョセシー落書きまとめ | Hル

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東堂と巻ちゃん! めがね!!!

東巻? 意識はしなかったんですけど描いてたらこうなった…

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dmmd: a summary

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now nitori knows why rin has anger issues

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hagakure you are a grown man

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